General account, cash membership, and mortgage payment ledgers, 1938- 44


General account, cash membership, and mortgage payment ledgers, 1938- 44

Textual Suggestions (when you look at the Ohio City): Correspondence with the Commissioner of Indian Things, 1914-19. Agencies alphabetical correspondence, 1915-18. Personnel records, 1915-18. Info of offers and you may assets, 1915-18. Heirship case records, 1914-fifteen. Agency financial details, 1911-18. Communications and account based on signing, 1911-several. Township survey career notes, 1893. Belongings transaction facts, 1913-fifteen. Personal Indian currency (IIM) abstracts, dates, and you may promo codes, 1915-18. Censuses, 1893-1911. Info of tribal experts, 1922.

Suggestions of Huge Ronde Company, including characters sent, 1893-1909; characters gotten, 1863-1907; cashbooks, 1875-1907; cash ledgers, 1890-1914; Huge Ronde Indian University every day attendance ledgers, 1892-1901; homes allowance schedules, 1888-91; residential property transfer bid book, 1902-14; allocation otherwise property list sheet sets, 1887-94, that have listing cards, 1894; and you can sanitary record ledgers, 1886-95

Textual Records (in Seattle): Records of the Siletz Agencies, and additionally letters sent, 1871-1914; letters gotten, 1863-1912; the police ideas, 1886-1902; cashbooks, 1875-1911; dollars ledgers, 1890-1914; points account periodicals, 1873-80; bank account and you will minds off appropriation ledger, 1879-83; communications of Siletz Indian College or university, 1908-30; everyday attendance details, Siletz Indian College or university, 1892-1915, and Siletz Upper Ranch Day College or university, 1912-16; timber scale ledgers, 1918-37; land allocation dates, 1887-94; home import quote book, 1902- 14; residential property allotment heirship cards, 1891-94, 1921; allowance or estate list sheets, 1887-94, which have listing notes, 1894; and you may hygienic number ledgers, 1889-1910. Ideas of Grand Ronde-Siletz Company, as well as decimal document, 1926-50; appropriation ledgers, 1939-42; pricing ledger, 1940-41; analytical profile, 1938-47; monthly cash reports, 1939-40; certified receipts, 1938-40; individual Indian money (IIM) ledgers, ledger sheet sets, and you will related records, 1918-36; agencies and tribal council ideas, 1876-1951; tribal election votes, 1935-39; census details, 1925-50; passions system records, 1932-47; Indian Rescue and you can Rehab Endeavor facts, 1935-37; college list census notes, 1932-45; information from Civilian Preservation Corps apps, 1935-43; records out of expansion and you will credit applications, 1929-45; tribal home registration goes and agenda out-of believe allotments, 1942-54; and you may hospital and you may scientific authorizations, 1943-47.

Textual Ideas (inside the il): Private Indian money (IIM) appropriation ledgers, 1924-41. Appropriation ledgers, 1939-41. Private Indian take a look at information, 1934-38. Private Indian membership ledgers, 1927-forty eight. Special places ledger, 1924-forty-two. Disbursing fund periodicals, 1941-50.

Textual Info (from inside the il): Suggestions regarding Broker Age. Stephens, 1879- 85. Emails gotten because of the superintendent, 1903-6. Details regarding factors to annuity roll Indians, 1879. Information off logs sold, 1888- 90.

Textual Information (within the Bay area): General communication, 1894- 1921. Management records, 1895-1923. Annual story and you will statistical accounts, 1912-19. Tribal census, 1903-23. Abstract out of individual Indian currency (IIM) and you may special deposits, 1918-23. Ledger from invoices, 1896-98. List away from receipts and disbursements, 1907-17. Appropriation ledger, 1917-21. Residential property administration communication, 1920-23. Allowance app check in, california. 1910. Property allotment appraisal agenda, california. 1920. Flash draw signature cards, 1920-25. Pupil registers, 1897- 1906. Every quarter boarding college or university attendance reports, 1896-1919. Individual beginner info, 1909-19. Public-school suggestions, 1920- 23. Agriculture and grazing apartments, 1912-23.

Maps (eight things, during the San francisco): Township questionnaire plats portraying home of the Greenville University and Indian Agencies, 1867- 85. See Plus .

Rehab mortgage payment ledgers, 1917-56

Textual Info (in San francisco): Characters delivered, 1900-46. Communications, 1911-twenty six. Management documents, 1896-1947. Annual narrative and you may statistical reports, 1907-forty. Review and you will analysis accounts, 1910-26. Structure records, 1911-twenty-six. Tribal census rolls, 1902-41. “List regarding Team,” 1880-1910. Indian police arrest records and you will relevant communication, 1895-1935. Wills and you will associated records, 1891-1908. Economic and you can bookkeeping ideas, 1909-twenty six. Data out-of invoices and you will disbursements, 1875-1919. Appropriation ledgers, 1918-41. Private Indian money (IIM) ledgers, 1915-46. IIM membership, 1941-47. Property communications, 1894-1926. Info per property allotments, 1899-1926. Right of way easement documents, 1954-62. Booking urban area questionnaire job notes, 1882-92. Klamath River booking system book, 1894-1909. Ideas of the Hoopa Irrigation Project, 1924-twenty eight. Facts of area character, 1910-48. Forestry career instructions, 1917-29. Info of one’s Section Forestry Representative, 1950-54. Health and hygienic registers, 1886-1954. Details regarding births and fatalities, 1902-46. Records in accordance with universities, 1907-43. Topic files of your own studies job representative, 1920-46. School census goes, 1911-42. Hoopa Boarding University data, 1896-1916. Public-school register, 1926-29. Details of your own Civilian Conservation Corps- Indian Division, and additionally management documents of your Creation Coordinating Manager, 1933-43; Hoopa Valley Company administrative data per Civil Preservation Corps-Indian Division situations, 1933-43; correspondence based on such as for example methods due to the fact h2o creativity, pony and you will truck tracks, and you may structure off ways, links, and you may towers, 1933-41, that have relevant charts and you can blueprints; tree supervisor’s management documents, 1931-33; financial facts, 1933-37; go out records, 1934-42; Indian Disaster Conservation Works subscription application cards, loans payday Alabama 1933- 35; Civilian Conservation Corps-Indian Office enrollee number notes, 1938-39; and you can FBI municipal fingerprint notes, 1938-39.


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